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New 2022 SAAGNY Awards Program

June 16, 2022 8:06 AM | Donna-Jean Plante

The New 2022 SAAGNY Awards Program is designed to identify and recognize publicly those individuals and companies who have contributed most to the SAAGNY community and promotional products industry. 

Why Recognize? Recognition is one of the most powerful means of:

  • thanking volunteers for their efforts in regards to SAAGNY
  • motivating individuals to higher levels of achievement
  • giving a sense of belonging to something important
  • establishing those in the SAAGNY community as a valuable entity.

All New Categories

SAAGNY Person of the Year 
  • To honor an outgoing board member, volunteer, and/or anyone who has made a significant contribution and encouraged others to do the same in the SAAGNY community. 

Company Recognition

  • SAAGNY Loyalty Member of the Year Award – to be awarded to a company that has engaged in the SAAGNY community promoting and supporting its events and programs.
  • The SAAGNY Foundation Above and Beyond Award – to be awarded to a company that has engaged in The SAAGNY Foundation community promoting and supporting its mission.
  • SAAGNY Sponsor of the Year Award – to be awarded to a company that is always willing to sponsor or provide gift in kind. The recipient of this award to be awarded free sponsorship opportunity for the following year.
  • SAAGNY Innovator of the Year Award – to be awarded to a company that shows advancements in its products design, use of/introduction of technology, and/or ability to be on the forefront of trends.

Company or Individual Recognition

  • SAAGNY Influencer of the Year Award – to be awarded to a company or individual whose social media channels tell the story of promotional products and presents a coordinated marketing/public relations message that has actively engaged with SAAGNY.
  • Wow MWBE Award – to be awarded to a company or individual who is recognizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion within their own organization.
  • Project of the Year – to be awarded to a company or individual who had the most innovative campaign utilizing promotional products.

Individual Recognition

  • Duct Tape Award  to be awarded to a Customer Service Professional who’s able to fix anything for his/her customers and is known as the customer whisperer.
  • Rising Star  to be awarded to an individual in the promotional products industry five years or less who have already made significant contributions to the industry, SAAGNY, and/or his or her company.
  • Rockstar ROOKIE of the Year  – to be awarded to an individual in the industry one year or less who is already a natural.
  • SAAGNY Believer  An individual who has completed and/or participated in five or more SAAGNY webinars and/or events.
  • Mission Impossible Award  to be awarded to an individual sales rep who went above and beyond and is considered a rock star.
  • SAAGNY Constant Contributor Award – to be awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond volunteering for SAAGNY and/or The SAAGNY Foundation.

    Please click below to make your nominations.  Nominations can be made by the  general SAAGNY community.  The recipient(s) of awards to be decided by a panel established by the Awards Committee Chair, to include his or her peers within promotional products industries. All entries to be blinded to panel.

Award recipients to be announced at a ceremony on the show floor at Promotions East.

Nominate Promo Peeps Here



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