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Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York

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Watch a SAAGNY webinar and receive PPAI credit on your transcript towards your TAS, CAS, or MAS!

  • Greg Armstrong, ProForma - Win! And Win Big! Click Here

  • Jim Ristuccia, A+ Wine Designs - Synergy, Strategy, Success & Teamwork:  Developing a Successful Distributor-Supplier Relationship  Click here

  • Ron Baron, Ad-A-Day - You Can Sell at Prices HIGHER than Your Competition!  Click here

  • Bryony Zasman, Learn About Zoom Catalog Click here

  • Roni Wright, Calm the Mind and Find the Power Within To Thrive  Click here

  • Randi Busse, Turning Rants Into Raves, Turning On Your Customers Before They Turn on YOU  Click here

  • Ed Gulbenkian, How to Sell Swim - There is Money in the Water  Click here

  • Joel Schaffer, Holiday Sales - Make Money in the Fourth Quarter Click here

  • Dylan Sullivan, Intro to: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Screen Printing, Embroidery, Direct to Garment, and Heat Transfers click here

  • Brad Bartlett, Direct Mail is Not Dead click here

  • Don Sanders, Learn How To Sell Five Orders a Day click here

  • Cathy Cain-Blank, How to Create Email Content That Drives New Business click here

  • Scott Nussinow, Is Your Website Leaking Customers?  click here

  • Bill McCormick, LinkedIn Foundations for Promo Product Sales click here

  • Glenn Rudin, Would You Do Business With YOU?! click here

  • KC Fields and Paul Sprunk, Eliminate Your Apparel Competition click here

  • Scott Nussinow, Outsource Like a Supplier All Star click here

  • Mitch Group & Jill Wattenberg, Your Marketing Success Begins With a Great Visual click here

  • Joel Schaffer, The Public Relations Clinic click here

  • Lenny Polakoff, Is Your House In Order? A Practical Guide to a Five Pillar Compliance Program click here

  • Dylan Sullivan, How to Streamline Your Purchase Orders, Writing a Purchase Order ONCE!  The Right Way  click here

  • Eileen Lynch and Adam Morales, Writing Instruments: Where Do We Go From Here?  click here

  • Brad Bartlett, How Can You Tap Into the Lucrative Point of Sale Market at Retail,   click here

  • Jason Nokes, Get to Know Promo Pulse, click here

  • Eli Braun & Adam Sedaka, What is Your Data Telling You, click here

  • Maurice Norris, Legislative Review and A Look to 2020, click here

  • Andy Evans, Company Stores, click here

  • Brett Garran, Have You Thought About the Uniform Program Business, click here

  • Michael Reisbaum, Keep on Keepin On - Blue Generation is Open and Shipping, click here

  • Beata Miller, Staying Connected, click here

  • Scott Brement, Paper Promotional Products and Print - Finding a Home in Today's Digital World, click here

  • Scott Edidin, Introducing Xactly - Sustainable Products with a Purpose, click here

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